Meet the Team

Meet the Nordics Team

Patrick Dunnewolt

Head Nordics & Benelux Regions

+44 20 3640 1696

Henrik Grunditz

Account Manager, Nordics Region

Mikko Andersson

Account Manager Nordics Region

+44 20 3640 1555

John Boylston

Account Manager Nordics Region

+44 20 3640 1634

Mathieu De Sutter

Account Manager, Benelux and Nordics

+44 20 3640 1547

Fredrik Eriksson

Account Manager, Nordics Region

+44 20 3640 1603

Filippo Totta

Account Analyst Nordics Region

+44 20 3640 1767

Arushi Agarwal

Account Analyst Nordics Region

+44 20 3640 1908

Astrid Tengroth

Account Manager Nordics Region

+44 79 4445 2237

PIMCO Highlights*

PIMCO is one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers.

More than 3,050

Employees around the world


Global offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia


Countries in which clients are based


Global investment professionals


Portfolio Managers with an average of 16 years of experience


Investment professionals who have been at PIMCO for 10 years or more


Global Credit Analysts


Sector Specialty Desks


Analytics/Asset Experts


Investors worldwide

$2.02 trillion

Assets under management

As of 30 September 2020

* Employee data excludes Gurtin Fixed Income Management, LLC, except for Total employees, which INCLUDES EMPLOYEES OF GURTIN FIXED INCOME MANAGEMENT, LLC, WHICH PIMCO ACQUIRED IN JANUARY 2019. 17 Global Offices Include offices from the Gurtin acquisition in January 2019. Assets INCLUDE $16.1 BILLION IN ASSETS OF CLIENTS CONTRACTED WITH GURTIN FIXED INCOME MANAGEMENT, LLC, AN AFFILIATE AND WHOLLY-OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF PIMCO. The number of Countries where clients are located is based ON CLIENT ACCOUNT TAX DOMICILE.