Euro Short Maturity UCITS ETF
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As of 23/10/2020
As of 23/10/2020
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As of 23/10/2020

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Portfolio Information

0.63 Years
Effective Maturity
As of 23/10/2020
0.59 Years
Effective Duration
As of 23/10/2020
est. yield to maturity
As of 23/10/2020
average quality
As of 23/10/2020

Fund Facts


The PIMCO Euro Short Maturity UCITS ETF aims to generate income while preserving and growing capital. The Fund will invest primarily in a portfolio of EUR-denominated fixed income instruments. Portfolio duration may vary between 0-1 years.

As of 23/10/2020


Trading Information

Trading Currency

Exchange Ticker

Settlement Period

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Trading Information

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Exchange Ticker

Settlement Period

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Trading Information

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Euro Short-Term Rate (ESTER)

ESTER reflects the wholesale Euro unsecured overnight borrowing costs of banks located in the Euro area. ESTER is published on any day on which the Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross Settlement Express Transfer payment system (or any successor settlement system) is open for the settlement of payments in Euro. ESTER is based on transactions conducted and settled on the previous business day (the reporting date “T”) with a maturity date of T+1 which are deemed to have been executed at arm’s length and thus reflect market rates in an unbiased way.

Data point name Data point value
Bloomberg Ticker ESTRON

The fund intends to measure its performance against the European Short Term Rate (the “Benchmark”). The fund is considered to be actively managed in reference to the Benchmark by virtue of the fact that it uses the Benchmark for performance comparison purposes. However the Benchmark is not used to define the portfolio composition of the fund or as a performance target.

Data point name Data point value

Security Information

As of 23/10/2020


AUM €2,629,860,688.10
Benchmark BBG Ticker ESTRON
Number of Holdings 394
Base Currency EUR
Launch Date 11 January 2011
Shares Outstanding 14,221,641
UK Reporting Status Yes
Registered for Distribution in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Exchanges Deutsche Börse Xetra, Borsa Italiana, SIX Swiss Exchange
Dividend Treatment Monthly


Legal Form UCITS
Replication Method Physical
Domicile Ireland
Financial Year End 31 March
Equity Ratio (Tax Information for German Investors) 0.00
Use of Income Distributed

Key Service Providers

Issuer ETF Ireland
Manager PIMCO Europe Ltd
Fund Administrator State Street Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
Depository State Street Custodial Services (Ireland) Limited
Authorized Participants Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bluefin, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, Flow Traders, Goldenberg Hehmeyer, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Jane Street, Morgan Stanley, Nomura International PLC, Unicredit, Virtu Financial

Top Ten Exposure

As of 22/10/2020

Top Ten Exposure table

Name Coupon Weight (%)
REPO -0.48 1.74
UBS AG COCO SUB 4.75 1.24

Fund Managers

fund manager Andrew Bosomworth
Andrew Bosomworth
Head of Portfolio Management, Germany
fund manager Markus Mueller
Markus Mueller
Portfolio Manager, Short-Term
As of 23/10/2020

Fees and Expenses

Name Value
Management Fee 0.35%

Because the fund is an ETF, investors will typically only be able to buy or sell shares in the secondary market, on exchange. Authorized Participants who help in the creation or redemption of shares in the primary market, may face “create” or “redeem” fees (aka “entry” or “exit” fees) on the cash portion of the transaction (up to a maximum of 3.00%). These create and redeem fees are not applicable to secondary market investors. However, secondary market investors may incur brokerage and/or transaction fees in connection with their dealings. Secondary market investors may also bear the costs of bid-ask spreads; meaning the difference between the prices at which shares can be bought and sold.


est. yield to maturity
As of 23/10/2020
Current Yield
As of 23/10/2020
distribution yield
As of 31/07/2017

Recent Distributions

As of 23/10/2020
Record Date
Distribution Per Shares


As of 23/10/2020
Distribution Date Dist. NAV (€) Dividend Income (€) Dist. Total (€)
20/07/2017 101.59 0.022014 0.022014
15/06/2017 101.66 0.000821 0.000821
20/10/2016 101.81 0.024657 0.024657
18/08/2016 101.86 0.007757 0.007757
14/07/2016 101.84 0.002537 0.002537
18/02/2016 101.65 0.018892 0.018892
19/11/2015 101.70 0.001655 0.001655
17/09/2015 101.69 0.020744 0.020744
20/08/2015 101.77 0.009012 0.009012
16/07/2015 101.69 0.010949 0.010949
18/06/2015 101.68 0.029161 0.029161
14/05/2015 101.96 0.018792 0.018792
16/04/2015 101.97 0.014579 0.014579
19/03/2015 101.94 0.020937 0.020937
19/02/2015 101.88 0.035619 0.035619
15/01/2015 101.70 0.031876 0.031876
18/12/2014 101.60 0.032038 0.032038
20/11/2014 101.83 0.048196 0.048196
16/10/2014 101.81 0.038932 0.038932
17/09/2014 102.00 0.041222 0.041222
20/08/2014 101.90 0.045033 0.045033
16/07/2014 101.84 0.038416 0.038416
18/06/2014 101.83 0.051650 0.051650
14/05/2014 101.75 0.048581 0.048581
16/04/2014 101.65 0.042982 0.042982
19/03/2014 101.54 0.043971 0.043971
19/02/2014 101.52 0.029011 0.029011
15/01/2014 101.41 0.042344 0.042344
18/12/2013 101.34 0.033029 0.033029
20/11/2013 101.41 0.035718 0.035718
16/10/2013 101.28 0.018871 0.018871
18/09/2013 101.24 0.015122 0.015122
14/08/2013 101.23 0.011231 0.011231
17/07/2013 101.19 0.009902 0.009902
19/06/2013 101.21 0.027510 0.027510
15/05/2013 101.37 0.021745 0.021745
17/04/2013 101.29 0.033320 0.033320
20/03/2013 101.19 0.037476 0.037476
20/02/2013 101.11 0.051617 0.051617
16/01/2013 101.17 0.040285 0.040285
19/12/2012 101.06 0.049575 0.049575
14/11/2012 100.98 0.060273 0.060273
17/10/2012 100.94 0.033889 0.033889
19/09/2012 100.81 0.057097 0.057097
16/08/2012 100.72 0.059966 0.059966
18/07/2012 100.56 0.082940 0.082940
20/06/2012 100.27 0.086084 0.086084
16/05/2012 100.21 0.091310 0.091310
18/04/2012 100.22 0.113003 0.113003
14/03/2012 100.16 0.096692 0.096692
15/02/2012 99.99 0.103967 0.103967
18/01/2012 99.57 0.122784 0.122784
14/12/2011 99.41 0.150497 0.150497
16/11/2011 99.52 0.123976 0.123976
19/10/2011 99.44 0.144906 0.144906
14/09/2011 99.54 0.107412 0.107412
17/08/2011 99.82 0.095001 0.095001
20/07/2011 99.80 0.158593 0.158593
15/06/2011 99.82 0.084737 0.084737
18/05/2011 99.81 0.107158 0.107158
13/04/2011 99.80 0.088604 0.088604
16/03/2011 99.80 0.077205 0.077205
16/02/2011 99.81 0.063557 0.063557

Discrete Performance

As of 30/09/2020
Annual Returns
Sep `15 - Sep `16 Sep `16 - Sep `17 Sep `17 - Sep `18 Sep `18 - Sep `19 Sep `19 - Sep `20
Euro Short Maturity UCITS ETF 0.30 -0.26 -0.99 -0.40 -0.40
Euro Short-Term Rate (ESTER) -0.27 -0.36 -0.36 -0.37 -0.54
Performance - Fund vs Index 0.57 0.10 -0.63 -0.03 0.14
As of 30/09/2020
Portfolio Composition - Sector Allocation: Market Value
category / asset class FUND Fund ratio
Government Related 24.80
Securitized 12.31
Invest. Grade Credit 49.69
High Yield Credit 0.05
Emerging Markets 0.94
Municipal/Other 0.00
Net Other Short Duration Instruments 12.22
Portfolio Composition - Sector Allocation: Duration
Sector Fund Fund ratio
Government Related 14.31
Securitized 8.86
Invest. Grade Credit 73.79
High Yield Credit 0.14
Emerging Markets 1.27
Municipal/Other 0.00
Net Other Short Duration Instruments 1.63
As of 30/09/2020
Portfolio Composition - Maturity Distribution
Years % of Fund
0-1 80.00
1-3 20.00
3-5 0.00
5-10 0.00
10-20 0.00
20+ 0.00
Effective Maturity (yrs) 0.51
As of 23/10/2020
Portfolio Composition - Credit Rating: S&P
Quality MV (%) Fund percent
A1/P1 24.23
Below A1/P1 4.04
AAA 15.94
AA 8.39
A 23.15
BAA 24.20
BB 0.04
B 0.00
Below B 0.00

interest rate exposures

As of 30/09/2020
exposure FUND index
Effective Duration 0.48 0.00
Bull Market Duration 0.60 0.00
Bear Market Duration 0.43 0.00
Total Curve Duration 0.12 N/A

sector exposures

As of 30/09/2020
exposure FUND index
Mortgage Spread Duration 0.14 0.00
Corporate Spread Duration 0.44 0.00
Emerging Markets Spread Duration 0.05 0.00

country exposure breakdown


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